Freediving ranking

Combining results from both CMAS and AIDA events.

Men ranking.
1.Flag of PLMateusz Malina998.5127 m123 m113 m90 m09:35321.43 m290 m250 m
2.Alexey Molchanov948.1133 m136 m124 m100 m08:33258 m252 m195 m
3.Flag of HRVitomir Maričić931.7123 m105 m110 m84 m08:51284 m287 m240 m
4.Flag of HRPetar Klovar848.8135 m73 m100 m95 m08:09250 m250 m218 m
5.Flag of HRGoran Colak80998 m115 m-71 m09:45299.50 m292.15 m225 m
6.Flag of GBDean Chaouche79298 m106 m98 m82 m07:03246 m213.80 m187 m
7.Flag of ESFrancisco Quesada790.2798 m102 m97 m78 m6:24250 m226.94 m200 m
8.Flag of TWHua Yang Huang787.2101 m116 m102 m63 m06:31256 m216 m182 m
9.Flag of FRVivien Richard757.888 m89 m95 m75 m6:29254 m237 m195 m
10.Flag of USKurt Chambers745.9105 m110 m115 m65 m07:02200 m201 m132 m
11.Flag of MXPablo Marti740.280 m91 m85 m68 m07:26237 m234 m183 m
12.Flag of KRHakyong Kim737.772 m95 m88 m51 m07:46256 m243 m178 m
13.Flag of ATEugen Goettling737.2101 m81 m81 m63 m08:46254 m176 m182 m
14.Flag of MXAlejandro Lemus731.998 m104 m91 m66 m07:07221 m201 m153 m
15.Flag of UAOleksandr Bubenchykov725.695 m98 m-71 m09:03289 m200 m217 m
16.Flag of CAWilliam Winram723.297 m94 m91 m86 m07:06205 m160 m175 m
17.Flag of TWYixian Zhang714.980 m100 m95 m62 m06:42227 m215 m153 m
18.Flag of DEJan Knutzen710.35101 m83 m94 m61 m06:13218 m215.5 m160 m
19.Flag of FRGuillaume Néry706.9103 m126 m108 m78 m06:47175 m140 m106 m
20.Flag of ruAndrey Matveenko694.7106 m134 m111 m70 m07:11227 m-148 m
21.Flag of KRGimun Kwak693.1570 m91 m77 m40 m09:02232.5 m221 m160 m
22.Flag of SISamo Jeranko690.1106 m110 m90 m82 m08:08229 m-180 m
23.Flag of MXRoberto Guzman664.395 m95 m95 m72 m05:49181 m150 m144 m
24.Flag of DEJens Stoetzner66481 m90 m77 m74 m07:05187 m166 m161 m
25.Flag of DKJakob Hansen663.280 m96 m68 m68 m07:36212 m179 m155 m
Flag of DEFynn Neb663.285 m91 m85 m65 m05:16207 m205 m136 m
27.Flag of AUDavid Mulheron656.684 m80 m88 m60 m06:53218 m211 m153 m
28.Flag of FITommi Pasanen655.775 m90 m85 m53 m07:46191 m193 m135 m
29.Flag of MXPepe Salcedo652.7105 m105 m105 m64 m06:11133 m164 m102 m
30.Flag of CLSebastian Lira652.693 m100 m85 m65 m06:28183 m172 m109 m
31.Flag of NZWilliam Trubridge649.8124 m122 m-102 m07:29237 m-187 m
32.Flag of BYAliaksandr Zaikin647.170 m70 m60 m53 m05:38230 m213.30 m210.64 m
33.Flag of TWMichael Zhi-Da Ko644.491 m101 m92 m64 m05:47179 m168 m107 m
34.Alexander Vinogradov637.185 m120 m91 m72 m06:03232 m-161 m
35.Flag of ESInaki Santos636.661 m55 m61 m61 m06:58238 m227 m179 m
36.Flag of DEStefan Randig63595 m100 m90 m78 m08:05200 m-150 m
37.Flag of JPKen Kiriyama634.483 m94 m71 m67 m06:12197 m162 m131 m
38.Flag of RUMikhail Briantcev630.1561 m62 m61 m-07:02276 m266.5 m181 m
39.Flag of COAlejandro Llinas630100 m101 m96 m78 m-175 m192 m143 m
40.Flag of PLDominik Krzywiecki622.2585 m69 m71 m61 m6:00200 m184.5 m150 m
41.Flag of SIAndrej Ropret622.165 m64 m-45 m10:23253 m208 m186 m
42.Flag of AUAntony Judge620.987 m83 m-65 m08:17214 m200 m159 m
43.Flag of FRGuillaume Bourdila619.75113 m-103 m--306.60 m274.5 m227.52 m
44.Flag of SKMartin Zajac618100 m106 m93 m60 m06:30212 m-150 m
45.Flag of CNQing Lu617.267 m75 m70 m45 m06:56175 m225 m162 m
46.Flag of GRAris Ioannidis615.465 m62 m52 m57 m07:07222 m178 m188 m
47.Flag of GBDavid Mellor614.2100 m80 m85 m61 m06:06156 m162 m112 m
Flag of ruEvgeny Sychev614.273 m100 m83 m53 m05:06194 m178 m116 m
49.Flag of DKJesper Lauridsen613.176 m81 m55 m60 m05:33249.60 m166 m166.32 m
50.Flag of KRWoongjin Kim612.975 m80 m78 m45 m06:07202 m183 m138 m

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